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what is logarithm and its type?

Definition : A logarithm is the result of raising power of a number to which the logarithm is assigned. In other word we can say that logarithm is the power to which the given number is raised.

what is prefix free code?

Prefix code or prefix free code is an encoding scheme where no codeword is a prefix of another codeword. Lets see another example Q={011, 110100, 0101 } here none of the codewords is a prefix of any

what is code?

In information theory Code is a set of binary strings or  codewords. for example C={1101, 001, 10, 11101} here the set C is a code and the elements of the set are the codewords. C={1101, 001, 10,

what is codeword?

A Codeword is the finite arrangement  of binary bits(0,1) which has a specific meaning.  For example 1101 is a codeword. Codewords are used for error-correcting purpose in communication system. C={1101, 001, 10, 11101} C is a set