What is security ? What are the fundamental properties of Security?

Security: Security is the property of defending capability against any attack on an asset. Fundemental properties of security: There are three fundamental properties of security 1. Confidentiality. 2. Integrity. 3. Authenticity. A system is CIA secured if

what is logarithm and its type?

Definition : A logarithm is the result of raising power of a number to which the logarithm is assigned. In other word we can say that logarithm is the power to which the given number is raised.

How to install ,search, and uninstall a software installed on Ubuntu 14.04?

To INSTALL a software Open the ubuntu terminal and type: $ sudo apt-get install THE SOFTWARE NAME Example: i installed gimp a image editor software so the command will be following : $ sudo apt-get install gimp

what is prefix free code?

Prefix code or prefix free code is an encoding scheme where no codeword is a prefix of another codeword. Lets see another example Q={011, 110100, 0101 } here none of the codewords is a prefix of any

what is code?

In information theory Code is a set of binary strings or  codewords. for example C={1101, 001, 10, 11101} here the set C is a code and the elements of the set are the codewords. C={1101, 001, 10,

what is codeword?

A Codeword is the finite arrangement  of binary bits(0,1) which has a specific meaning.  For example 1101 is a codeword. Codewords are used for error-correcting purpose in communication system. C={1101, 001, 10, 11101} C is a set

What is Host, client and server?

Before starting  any networking course or IT learning course, some basic concept on host, client  and  server is mandatory. Furthermore , a corporate or a big server my consist of host client and server.  Therefore , it

Network of Many size

Networks come in all sizes. They can range from simple networks consisting of two computers to networks connecting millions of devices. Small home networks : Small home network connects a few computer to each other and Internet.

How the Networks Support the Way We Communicate?

The globalization of the Internet has ushered in new forms of communication that empower individuals to create information that can be accessed by a global audience. Some forms of communication include: Texting – Texting enables instant real-time

What is packet tracer?

Packet Tracer is a networking learning tool that supports a wide range of physical and logical simulations. It also provides visualization tools to help you understand the internal workings of a network. These tools will help you